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Recovering the Ancient European Forest

There is enough evidence to prove the existence of a giant European forest very similar to tropical rainforests, long ago. It took some centuries to disappear here, whereas we could see its extinction in just a few decades in the tropics. The recovery of planet life and health implies necessarily to bring back its original green coat, a task that will not be undertaken by any government, since they are all slaves (and masters) of the same interest. The State-Capital is thinking of another intentions, like to bury the previously deforested lands under a layer of concrete and asphalt in constant development (completely sustainable, of course). So, we'll be bored to tears waiting for the government to carry out that kind of enterprises, beyond some symbolic and lying actions. They will be the result of direct action, not of the institutional one.

The place chosen for the project attempt is Asturies, undoubtedly one of the places where the old European forest resisted more time the advance of that epidemic called capitalism in spite of the early industrialization in mining valleys. You only need to see woodland remains today and survival of some wood jobs, missing in virtually all western Europe, like the tixileirus. Also the famous wooden shoes, still used today.
The method, can be that devised by famous Masanobu Fukuoka, that seems to be quite efficient.
Trees give us wood, but also food resources, deliberately forgotten. They act as a brake on soil erosion, regulate rainfall and climate in general, recovering a matchless and magic environment that may help to change ourselves into new human beings, with recovered spirituality, firmness, integrity, far from amorphous people, made to tolerate the intolerable. Also to recover our link with natural world, beginning new ways of relation with it.
The beginning setting for the project is my farm, where I intend to develop a life plan also based on organic farming, wild gardens and all that can emerge in connection with autonomy, liberty and Earth defence.
I'm searching for a girlfriend to carry out this life project.
If you like the country and the farming labours, and above all, agree with me that aiming to achieve self-sufficiency is a way to escape from complete commercial colonization of life, not to collaborate on the looting of the planet and human exploitation, and to be against artificialization of existence, you can know more about me and contact me, by reading my profile.

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