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Community/school led by Shaolin monk

Community/school led by Shaolin monk

Learn with a Shaolin Monk

We are a community led by a Shaolin Monk. We have a base in Berlin where we learn the philosophy, brotherhood, Taï Chi Chuan, Kung Fu.

Any level is accepted. Once we know a bit we help our master in humanitarian work all over the world.

If you believe in the light and in the action you are welcome in our place in Berlin to start to learn, to live with us and to be ready in the future to act for the others.

We share the daily life inside but we work as well outside; a lot of pleasure; a lot of intensity.
In extra we practise languages and music.

Shanti-shanti village

Shanti-shanti village

Shanti – world, peace, harmony. Our little village is a large, free and beautiful world where people live in harmony with natu

Shanti – world, peace, harmony
Our little village is a large, free and beautiful world where people live in harmony with nature, outer and inner world, themselves and all others.
We will try to create an atmosphere of freedom, creativity, simplicity and peace in this place.
For the moment we are looking for a land in France or in Spain.

New Ecovillage Project

New Ecovillage Project

The very beginning. Looking for people to join

For now I only have a dream and an idea, how it gonna look like.

I will try to update the information about the project daily.

a short description would be: ecovillage with people that want to build a new community based on trust and love. People that gained experience in the "real life" and got themselves a profession (every single one of you is welcome! From theater graduate to doctor through gardener) and now want to have a better life with more meaning.

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