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Jaguarapira Wildlife Reserve

Jaguarapira Wildlife Reserve

In 1994, as a master’s student in forest science, I started a project to restore the vegetation of a piece of land I eventually bought in 1998. Located near the base of a granite dome in southern Brazil, the property had originally harbored a mix of Atlantic Forest and the almost extinct Araucaria Forest, but these had been severely degraded by mining. After 22 years of restoration the forest cover is back as well wildlife.

Jonathan Ecovillages

Jonathan Ecovillages

A principal project is on study near Toulouse in France.
Others similar projects are made in west africa (Togo / Benin / Burkina)

A french group has been created by me on FB in 2012 - We'r more than 6500 members now =>

A blog is also created on internet, with chat and forum =>

You'r welcome !

Project Symbiosis

Project Symbiosis

Ecovillage Capacurí

Project Symbiosis - Ecovillage Capacurí

We speak the English language very little; this message was translated using an online translator, we apologize for errors in spelling, grammar or redaction; or if you prefer that I write in Spanish. Please tell me in which language is best this message for future correspondence.

We are a cultured family; we are environmentalists and want to live in an Ecovillage.

We need financial support to realize this dream to live with my family in a self-sustaining Eco-village.

Initially we need, 8500 euros/dollars for:

Outdated and incomplete projects

Type Evolution Region Posted Last updated
Jonathan Ecovillages Proyecto de investigación Iniciativa África, Europa 13.12.2013 2 years 3 months ago
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