Nomads Hub


WE create the “pot”, YOU bring the ingredients: your skills, talents and experiences along with your questions, challenges and tasks. Together, we cook up a storm of amazing dishes for making tangible progress on our dreams and visions; we make cocktails of the collective wisdom and creativity gathered to take on any challenge out there; and we create ready-to-go recipes on a set of topics for you to take home.

In the end, it’s up to all of us what each day looks like and how we move through the weeks. You could start the day with meditation, tai chi or yoga, use the mornings to work solo, and the afternoons to support each other’s projects. You might choose to finish the day with a dip in the water or sing by the bonfire. Whatever your choice, we are there to help you create a balance between times for contemplation, exercise, focussed work alone or testing a new idea with the group.

-A space to reflect and to work on your most burning questions and challenging tasks.
-A beautiful nature setting in an enjoyable climate, healthy, wholesome food, spaces for relaxing and re-charging, as well as the infrastructure to stay connected with the rest of the world.
-A diverse group of like-minded souls, hosts who are equipped with tools and resources to harvest our many talents, skills and experiences for the good of each and every one as well as for the world.
-A lightly facilitated daily and weekly structure to practice a balance of doing and being, re-charging and getting done what really matters.

NomadsHub is a brainchild of changemakers for changemakers who face one or more of the following challenges:
- Have you been working hard to get your project running but feel stuck?
- Do you want to re-connect with yourself and meet other like-minded people to collaborate with?
- Are you ready to get out of the office and test an environment where retreat and work, being and doing go hand in hand?
- Did you always wanted to take time out, but didn’t know where to go, who to go with?
- Do you want to “practice” living the kind of life that’s truly sustainable inside out?
- Do you have a passion for finding your own truth, and living an authentic life that is true to your values?
- Are you ready to open your heart and mind, address your deepest questions and biggest fears in a safe space?
- Do you feel the urge to question the paradigms that govern our society right now?
- Do you want to evaluate your relationship with yourself, others, money or health, as well as the reasons for being a changemaker?

We look for participants with a wide variety of expertise and skills to co-create our 1st NomadsHub experience:
Being: wellness and health-related skills, e.g. yoga, meditation or personal development coaches, physiotherapists or masseurs, people who love cooking, playing music, singing, etc.

Doing: expertise and skills to solve challenges around starting and sustaining an outrageously successful project, e.g. how to attract paying clients, how to realize a successful social media campaign, how to crowd-fund your project, and so on.


Verano del Eros 2017

Tantra y Sensualidad Consciente

1 de July al 16 de September

Te invitamos a dos meses y medio de eventos y convivencia en la naturaleza, explorando conexiones auténticas y dando la bienvenida a jugosas aventuras. Únete a formaciones de profunda inmersión de una semana de duración, talleres de fin de semana o vida en comunidad en terreno del Eros durante todo el verano.

Los hijos del fin del mundo

Capitulo 5: Los hijos del fin del mundo

Publicado por el proyecto: 
Valle de Sensaciones