Peace of Mind


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Experimenting with higher satisfaction of life

For many years I've wanted to start a new kind of intentional community, and now I'm ready to commit.

Even though we live in the best time ever, many people are more tired or unhappy then they need to be.

Political/economic reform will not work if people want to stay consumers. We need something more desirable than what consumerism offers. We need to inspire them with a real world example.

This has always been my calling and so over the last decade I've been designing a new lifestyle that provides a new kind of satisfaction.

I want to create an intentional community where anyone can come for free (within ecological and fairness limits), to experience piece of mind, to grow the soul with love and learning: music, crafts, science, interacting with nature, physical/mental exercise, personal expression, social games, etc. on a daily basis. There is nothing more satisfying than becoming a better person like this. I am quite sure that the way I do this in my own life is far more effective and efficient than how people normally do it. I am what people call highly gifted, with many talents acquired in relatively little time, but it just arises from a certain way of thinking and organizing your life, that I want to bring into the world through this project.

It's just about getting the most out of our brains and feeling awesome everyday, rather than expecting purchases, comfort and passive entertainment to make us happy.

When too many people want to visit, we'll just expand, creating a network of communities. The idea is that people do not live their whole life in one community, but rather travel between them once in a while; after all, we create the freedom to do this, and it provides important new stimulus for the brain, which evolved for a nomadic communal life.

We will pay off the land and grow our own food 100%; the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice here. Private food from outside is of course allowed, and we might have (but not depend upon) communal caffeine and other luxuries beneficial to our cause, but people who just want comfort will never experience real happiness and satisfaction.

The idea is that people do not go out for a job, but want to actively participate in communal life. Most likely we can pay tax, art supplies, etc. from donations of ourselves and visitors.

It is also based on how much arable/forest land there is per person in the world. Because we need to provide an example of restoring our natural resources, we cannot farm animals, use motors/petrochemicals, unnatural building material or heat using firewood. All of these things make life exponentially complicated and their need is easily avoided with modern knowledge. We will just use solar charged lights and tablets for educational purposes. Eventually we will make our own clothes. I even have plans for a new language; which is necessary for reasons I will not go into here.

It sounds hardcore but it's really not; we make life simpler and richer. It feels amazing beyond compare.

We will establish a strong eviction protocol for people who blatantly do not respect the project, because this is normally what destroys the feeling of community.

I want to pick land that makes the initial experiment easy: cheap, isolated, enough rain, enough warmth, legal status to be living in natural tiny houses and holding small respectful gatherings. About 5 hectare per adult, including forest, all shared among everyone. I have the money to pay for my part; if no others come forward I will raise the money myself, but it will be delayed for a few years.