Vale de Bacelos


Hello in the deep Tras os Montes wilderness northern Portugal surrounded by valleys and waters lies a 14hectares landscape with excelent conditions .

We will form a entrepeneur group living in nature and renerating sustainence for members from associated sustainable farming and other diverse areas.

Me and a friend started a company and will start our investment this summer 2017 , instaling our infra-estructure on the ground and start producing ,we have open channel through portuguese burocracy to sell farming products .

Theres a main focus in permaculture techniques , respecting nature sucesseful bussiness is possible

We´re looking for skilled and working people interested in creating or joining a project.

The place is deep in the wilderness with a constant flow of water ,biodiversity , fertile soil , forest , clay , 5 - 10 minutes dirt road acess from a vilage , 30 minutes from nearst city , faced south with a mountain covering the north winds , cold winters and hot summers .

This project as a long term objective , to form a group of ecovilages builders : more and more there is groups of foreigner people interested in moving to Portugal/Spain looking to start a ecovilage , but it's not that easy to find a place with conditions and start building from scratch , we want to provide the full service landscape-naturalbuilding associated at a resonable price , also to estimulate this future way of living

We believe that bussiness is not wrong when it is used for a good reason

If this is what you want feel free to send your application and contact me anytime

Best regards


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