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I am contacting you to present the project Família a Bordo, which will have its 3rd edition June to September 2015. We are a Brazilian family who lives in Portugal for a year and travels through the cities performing cultural activities. In our travels, we always give great importance to coexistence between people.

During this trip we intend to shoot a documentary about the eco-villages in Europe, because we believe in this model of society as ideal in an increasingly troubled world. We believe that we have to recover the lessons of the past, where the man lived in harmony with nature, to build a better future for all. And yes, we would live in an eco-village, with great pleasure :)

Would like to know if we can visit the eco-villages, sharing the life with you and picking up some pictures and testimonials to our documentary project.

It's not a documentary for professional use, the initiative is ours and we'll shoot with own equipment. We do not have sponsorship to carry it out and also we'll release a crowdfunding campaign so that people can contribute to the project. We really want to learn more about ecovillages, know better about with your daily life and be volunteers during the time that we'll spend with you.

We appreciate your attention!

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Grazi Calazans