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sustainable culture made by sustainable art

Among other activities around the artist residence CASA DEL DRAGON we found
and develop a dye garden. This garden is part of the world wide project sevengardens.org and we are happy to announce the first garden of this UNESCO certified project in País Valenciano.

The garden is located adjacent to the village of Cervera del Maestre in the province of Castellon. In this unit we aim to explore and use knowledge of plants and sustainable
production of pigments and usable colours for artists (ink, water colour, oil colour…).
We also wish to share our knowledge and experience with other dye gardens around the world and develop an internal market to exchange seeds, tools and plants.

In conjunction with the official education center of the sevengardens founder
Peter Reichenbach in Dinslaken, Germany, we offer workshops and studies.

Since 2014 we offer workshops, mostly free. We founded a free (Uni)versity of (i)nformal (e)ducation. The campus is our dye garden, or vegetable garden, the artist residence and its facilities.

We are looking for open minded new members in spain and in germany. We are also expanding the community into new countries and other locations (we are decentralized).

In our charter we published on 2 pages the basic rules under we live together (download on our homepage under menue service).

Please apply by using one of our forms you find on our website ( menue > apply ).