Project Off Road




sustainable living close to the nature

Hello travellers, artists, musicians and seekers!

This online webspace of makes you able to offer and share your thoughts, pictures, music, art and knowledge.
Feel free to wander through the pages, make yourself a member, log in and therefore have access to more downloads, contact other members, upload and share your thoughts all over the world with unlimited traffic - completely for free.
These are only few of the services of this website, so check it out!

The Project Off Road itself down south in andalucia is an open source project running on solar and wind power only with an own well - no connection to the grid. Therefore we have to watch our consumption. Very interesting for those who take daily supply for granted!

If you want you can join the project as an artist, actor, run your own workshop, etc...
Be aware that all works with exchange of energy, so you either help/join (be a volunteer or active artist) or you go for a donation of 10€/day to support the project this way, what is much more likely if you are staying here for only a few days.
And if you stay for more than a week the sundays are free too.
For any questions please just send an email to the adress below...

You can take a fresh garden shower, two toilets are there too and if you are hungry you can cook yourself something either in the open garden kitchen.
And if you do so you can share it with others, cook together and enjoy a much bigger and richer meal than expected.
Best you bring your own food and drinks, cause the next shop is few kilometers away - though i also can provide food, but please give me further notice.

Primary i like to attract people who will stay a little longer than just a few days, so you can get a deeper insight about how it feels to be self-sufficient and independent. But even if you pass by temporarily you´ll get at least a clue about.
Feel welcome and maybe get caught by some new ideas who easily can pop up while living a kind of a dream out here...

You shouldn´t mind undressed folks wandering around the place, cause it´s a basic part of the project to feel free and enjoy life as we are all born: open and un(dis)covered.
But don´t be scared - nothing must, everything can.

Last but not least please note that i neither call/text back foreign numbers (too expensive) nor be the "get-me-here/take-me-there"-taxi.
Show effort and figure out the transport yourself or organize it in advance with me - if it fits i´ll take you wherever i´m (or somebody else is) going...

Just enjoy, breath in tranquility and be therefore much more focused on the very NOW.
Have fun exploring this site and feel free to get in contact by email!

Kisses and a hug,

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