to live self sufficient


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Marleen de Valdepiélagos

to start a permaculture project with a few skilled people

We are Jack and Marleen. We are currently living in the Ecoaldea de Valdepielagos, Madrid. There are no options to build a house there, so we are looking for a piece of land not too far from Madrid, where we can start a permaculture project ( building or renovating a house, big garden, animals, water retention,...) with the goal to live self sufficient in a few years.
It would be nice to set up some activities like courses, to make some income.
We like to live in nature, not in urban area, where the laws are restricting permaculture activities. Being able to make fire, to sleep outside, to do a sweatlodge without having upset neighbours.
To be able to generate our own energy ( solar, wind, geo,...)is essential.

Eventually it could be a goal to build sleeping accomodation and catering for guests, that take courses in the project zone.

People who are interested, and have usefull skills or budget, are welcome to contact us.