Vall of Biert

KanAwen Ecovillage. In the Biert Valley, Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
A project for hope, a new life model, a space for harmony, integrity and spiritual
Kanawen is a project to build an ecovillage in the Biert Valley, just 15 km from
Girona. The 280 acres planned for the settlement, will allow us to enjoy the
advantage of this peaceful rural area, conduct a self-sustaining ecological project and
yet, being close to the city, encouraging contact and relations with the wider world.

We are united by the need for a profound change, promoting a more conscious way
of life, in touch with nature, living in community in a socially, environmentally and
economically sustainable way. Our overall objectives are to facilitate personal and
collective spiritual growth, build dynamic relationships within the community and with
others outside, and explore the benefits of mutual support and collaboration.

More information at www.kanawen.org
Contact: welcome@kanawen.org
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqu48w2Cuyw


KanAwen the main streams

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