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What is Tamera - Healing Biotope I ?

Tamera is a peace project in Southern Portugal, a cooperative of future workers, who aim to build a so called "Healing Biotope" for a couple of hundred people - a community between humans, animals and plants whose relationships are based upon trust and mutual support. By this we want to start the initiative to implement such Healing Biotopes in all continents.

We think that a few such centres will be sufficient to create a global healing field. In a Healing Biotope new answers in the existential areas of live shall be researched: peace and cooperation with nature, peace between men and women, implementation of a strong self-sufficient community of compassion without guru and peer pressure, practice of free religion by authentic religious experiences and an ongoing spiritual life practice.

Tamera was founded in 1995 and is a snapshot of over 25 years of research and development. It is not a finished but a living model, a pioneer project for the question of human kind living together on this planet. In this sense Tamera is set in the traditions of social utopias from original Christianity to the idea of communism and wants to continue these.

Currently there are 100 staff members who live in Tamera; the circle of
people co-operating encompasses some hundred people. Many who work here are committed guests who want to help building up the project. There are no religious or ideological obligations. But there is a common direction, giving the place its spiritual character. Joy in implementing and joy in new thinking, respect for all life, participating in all of Creation, solidarity with all of its beings, honesty in relationships, truth in love and
transparency in the community.

Practical activities in the project are in youth school, children project, horse project, gardening, energy supply, soil improvement, architecture,
landscaping, etc. But mainly we work in theoretical and social fields on the question of the implementation of a non-violent culture on this planet.

The best way to get to know our work and goals is at the annual Summer
University. In addition to this there are workcamps and intensive courses
during which the basic ideas are studied and deepened. Our guest season lasts from May to October.

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