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Clara Ruiz de Gauna 0034-950525770 sunseed@sunseed.org.uk

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Application Deadline 10 september- Is there a place for nature rights and ecocitizenship in Europe?

Monday dia 24 all Saturday dia 29. of March, 2014

Funds available for Europeans citizens and non-spanish!
Registration Deadline 10 september-
- Applycation Deadline for EU Funds - 17 September

Applicants for this Course may apply for a Grundtvig Grant, please find the information below.


To reflect on the development of European citizenship and identity, and the role that the natural world has within this framework;
To discuss the notion of “nature rights” and the ecoCitizen
To reflect on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech; to imagine the future of Europe and European citizenship
To introduce the learning pedagogy and methodology of Paulo Freire: how can we bring the natural world into the learning environment? How can we create spaces that nurture learning for liberation? How can we facilitate experiential and participatory learning styles?
To clarify how the lessons learned can impact on practice in the workplace


The trainers will use a facilitative approach, eliciting the experience, knowledge and skills of the participants as a key resource throughout the course. An action-reflection cycle will be introduced. The pedagogy of Paulo Freire will be modelled as a participatory and experiential teaching/learning methodology. The collective skills and experiences of adult participants are a key resource in learning; Freire’s “listening survey” will inform the negotiated curriculum and “generative themes” (language and issues that have direct relevance and meaning for participants) will enhance meaningful learning. Freire distinguished between education for domestication (the “banking” concept, whereby adults are treated as empty vessels to be filled with knowledge by the expert teacher) and education for liberation, whereby facilitators and participants work together as problem-posers and problem-solvers, to create new knowledge rooted in their own collective experiences. Here at Sunseed we follow the same pedagogy, celebrating the critical collaboration between facilitator and participant as central to effective learning and independent, critical education.


Sunseed’s didactical approach focuses on experiential learning (learning by doing) – on practical problem solving and partnership work. Our facilitators nurture a creative learning environment that motivates and engages participants to be the best they can be. This includes a dynamic variety of individual work, paired work and group work, with plenary sessions to feedback and share developing insights.

A learning cycle of action and reflection will be encouraged, with practical, hands-on experience of Sunseed’s low-impact eco-community representing action learning, and afternoon workshops building on the practical learning through reflection and consolidation, including reference to stimulus materials (mostly provided as pre-departure reading). Each participant will have time and space to write their own personal reflective diary or log, to record their learning objectives, progress to fullfilment of those objectives, and any other observations and reflections.

* This course is designed for Staff working in any sector of adult education, including:

Teachers/trainers in adult education and the trainers of such teachers/trainers;

heads and managerial staff of organisations providing adult learning opportunities;

staff involved in intercultural adult education, or working with migrant groups, travellers, occupational travellers and ethnic communities;

staff working with adults with special learning needs;

staff working with adults at risk, for example, mediators and street educators;

counsellors or career advisors;

staff in local/regional authorities dealing with adult education, including the inspectorate;

persons who can demonstrate a clear intention of working in adult education but who are currently in some other labour market situations;

persons who have completed a qualification leading to a career in adult education and intend to start a career in

adult education;

other education staff at the discretion of national authorities.

Applicants for this Course may apply for a Grundtvig Grant, please find the information below.


Potential participants will complete a course booking form available to download and complete from the Sunseed website. Pre-departure reading materials will include: Sunseed website; “Nature rights” recommended reading list; European citizenship and the future of Europe (briefing papers); Martin Luther King “I have a Dream” speech; summary of Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”.

Participants accepted onto the course will receive the Sunseed Welcome Pack with detailed information about travel to Sunseed, the course programme and residential practicalities.


Course participants will be able to continue their dialogue and learning at Sunseed’s free P2PU (Peer-to-Peer University) learning website which includes the capacity to upload documents, videos and other resources including links to partner organisations and access to emails, blogs and a discussion forum.


The course will demonstrate a variety of learning methodologies that can be applied back in the workplace. This course is hosted by Sunseed, an off-grid, low impact eco-community with basic facilities including accommodation in a shared dorm, vegetarian food and outdoor compost toilets. Morning sessions are practical activities that introduce the work of different departments – organic gardening, appropriate technology and sustainable living. Course participants will join the community (household rota, job allocation, community announcements) to reflect practical aspects of ecoCitizenship and nature rights.


Monday: 16h Arrival, Welcome, Orientation; 18h Guided tour of the Sunseed project and community facilities; 19h Course overview, learning outcomes; 20h dinner

Tuesday: 09h – 12h Practical session (Organic gardening; Appropriate technology; Sustainable living); 12.15-13.30h Opening workshop – First impressions/reflections and participants’ Reflective Logs; 13.30-15.30h Lunch; 15.30-17h Our Place in Europe – from economic freedoms to human rights…to the rights of the natural world

Wednesday: 09h Practical session (Organic gardening; Appropriate technology; Sustainable living); 12.15-13.30h Learning methods/teaching techniques – Paulo Freire; 15.30h-17.30h Using the natural world to inspire active and participatory learning

Thursday: 09h Practical session (Organic gardening; Appropriate technology; Sustainable living); 12.15-13.30h participants’ reflection and feedback; 15.30-17.30h Sunseed – a model for low-impact lifesyles and ecoCitizenship?

Friday 09h – 12h Practical session (Organic gardening; Appropriate technology; Sustainable living); 12.15-13.30h Progress towards learning outcomes/participant needs analysis; 15.30-17.30h Presentations – bringing nature and participation back into the workplace

Saturday – 09h – 12h “I have a Dream” – Martin Luther King’s speech for citizenship and human rights: what next for the future of Europe and citizenship? 12.15-13.30h completion of reflective log and Self-Evaluation Form; 15.00-16.00h Final evaluation, follow-up practicalities; farewells

COURSE DATES 24 – 29 March 2014

Application deadline:

- For Sunseed selection: 1 September 2013

- For Grundvig Funding: 17 September 2013




- Clara Ruiz de Gauna – BA (Economics & Journalism) MA Peace Studies & Conflict Transformation. Course co-ordinator and facilitator, action & reflection and other learning methodologies.

- Jyoti Tyler, B.Ed, trainer and facilitator, nature rights and ecoCitizenship

- Martin Hyams, BA (Hons), PGCE(FE), facilitator, human rights, Transition netorks, adult/community education and training (inc. pedagogy and methodology of Paulo Freire)


Cancellations within 21 days of the start of the course – 100 euros. No refund is available for cancellations less that 1 week before the start of the course. Cancellations must be made in writing, preferably by email.


Full board – food is vegetarian

Accommodation – is in a shared dormitory (max 6 beds) but special arrangements are possible on application

Physical (dis)ability – the venue (Sunseed) is off-grid with a simple/low-impact lifestyle. Toilets and washing facilities are basic (for example compost toilets are a short walk from the main building, along uneven, rugged terrain, and require squatting). Electricity, including hot water and internet access, is restricted by the amount of solar power we can generate. We aim to provide an inclusive service for all, without prejudice or favour, but the physical and practical constraints of the venue present a limiting factor for people with physical disabilities. If in doubt, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to support you.


During the course participants will form part of the community at Sunseed (e.g. household rota, morning job allocation and community announcements at lunchtime).


Please Fill in the following form ” Grundtvig Course. English Application” and send it to us with your CV: sunseed@sunseed.org.uk

After being selected by us and Grundtvig applicants will be asked for a 100 euros deposit before arrival.

More information at: sunseed@sunseed.org.uk



Any candidate interested in your training event will contact Sunseed to express his or her interest and check that places are still available before applying to his LLP National Agency for a Comenius or Grundtvig grant. Applicants for a Grundtvig grant may be required to enclose with their application a confirmation of provisional registration.

If the candidate is then awarded a grant by his/her National Agency, s/he will contact Sunseed to confirm this and to formally register for the training event. If the candidate has not been awarded a grant, it is his/her responsibility to contact us to cancel any pre-registration which may have been made.

The duration of the selection process differs per each country and it can last between 7 and 10 weeks. This means that the selection results are communicated to the applicants around 2 months after the application deadline at the earliest.

From the moment the candidate receives a grant from his/her National Agency and confirms his/her attendance at your training event, s/he has responsibilities towards Sunseed, the training provider. If s/he cancels her/his attendance, s/he will be responsible for paying any cancellation fee which you may claim. Only in very exceptional cases of force majeure (e.g. serious illness or death of the candidate or close family member) may his/her National Agency pay cancellation fees using grant funds.

If Sunseed, the training provider, cancel the training at short notice, Sunseed may be asked by the candidate for compensation if s/he has already incurred costs.

Details from: www.sunseed.org.uk

More information about Grundvig:

- Course Catalogue

- About Grundvig

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