FalconBlanco (since 1975) Intentional - spiritual - international Community - Ecovillage, is also a charity and non profit organization. The center FalconBlanco, Ibiza, Spain serves not only as a retreat, health and seminar center but also gives the possibility to volunteers from all over the world to work together in a practical way for our charity goals. Our main intention is to provide information for all who need it and are asking for it. Our intention is to further awareness, growth and health by investigating about alternative and holistic ways and giving free information to anybody who looks for it. We are using mainly the Internet for this and offer at our Web site articles, answers to questions, discussions, download ebooks, videos and tapes. This is done by permanent members and volunteers of 'FalconBlanco'. Members are persons who are living and working at the place FalconBlanco - or members who are supporting our intention in one or the other way and not necessarily living at our place. We also offer workshops, lectures or other public events with the same intention. There are individual treatments available at FalconBlanco like Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, EFT, initiation into meditation and more, depending on the members and their abilities living at FalconBlanco. All offered service is for free, never there is money involved. All volunteers are doing their work because they are motivated and engaged in our projects and never will receive or ask for money. With our intention we want to start a 'positive chain reaction'. Helping our fellow human beings and every thing which is part of our world and in need where ever this are showing up, without expecting any reward. Never money is involved or should be a motivation for our doing. Then we all can make the surprising experience that as more we give, as more comes back... And with this we are rising onto another level, beyond the narrow level of materialistic behavior and thinking.

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