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Sociocracy, Conscious Communication and Design for Peace

Wednesday dia 12 all Thursday dia 13. of April, 2017

While ideal for cooperative groups that are forming, these are also some of the essential tools necessary for any group desiring healthy interactions, inclusive, creative decision-making and a resilient future. Challenges and conflicts predictably and naturally arise in all groups. Instead of feeling scared or ashamed, we can view them as opportunities for exploring our different viewpoints, while facilitating growth, innovation and healing. When we create a culture of appreciation and feedback, using conscious communication, we increase wellbeing and optimize conditions for peace. Defining shared agreements and values results in clear objectives, roles, and efficient operations. We’ll introduce decision-making and governance structures that honour all voices and view objections as gifts. We’ll offer a 9-step procedure for clearing conflicts, and three other tried and tested systems for accountability, responsibility, and mapping pathways back to peace. We’ll use small group activities to role-play examples and gain practical experience.
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