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Alfonso Flaquer Carreras

Alfonso "Alf" was born in Barcelona (1960) where he studied graphic design, photography, film, comix and finally videography and audiovisual’s communication and exercised as video artist for several years. His interest in onirics also led him to study the Symbolic, so at a very young age he delved into the various traditions that populate our planet, deeply studying and initiating him into some of them. During the nineties, he traveled the world, coming to live some time in Egypt and visit all the countries which separate Spain from China. In 2000 Alf lived in South America (mainy in Ecuador) to record documentaries for NGOs and then in 2001 he started a sustainable settlement project called the Base, in northern Catalonia where he built the first straw bale house inhabited in the peninsula ( Through the eco building he entered the world of ecovillages and communities where he designed and released the Karavan Project, an itinerant and singular ecovillage which reported their sustainable development model giving more than 100 activities in this regard throughout Spain. ( In 2008, some projects and The Base among them, founded the Iberian Ecovillage Network (; During 2009/2010 Alf studied Conflict’s Mediation, Progress Work and Group Facilitation with Gill Emslie and Anne Rhodes from Findhorn Foundation, but gradually has been deploying his interest in cultural and spiritual dimension of community projects. In 2010 he helped to design community tools for youth and worked in Team Building for a British environmental organization specialized in Deep Ecology ( For three years Alf has served on the GEN Europe Council, bringing to reality several projects such as the Ecovillage Incubator Program (2012), the Emergencies Protocol, etc .... Since the summer of 2014 he is a member of the GEN International Board and lives in the community of Arterra, in Navarra, Spain. ( Experience in creating video, photography, design of tools for sustainability education, the dissemination of alternative culture, in self construction and technologies, working with groups, events and trips to the end of the world . Skills in design and project management to a change in environmental awareness, social and spiritual. Design and development of teaching resources for sustainability, writing and editing of texts, sustainable events, facilitation of groups and jam sessions. Founder of the Karavan Project: Founder of the Avalon Project: Designer of the Avalon-school program and aim: Designer of the "Ecovillage's Incubator" : Founder of The Base Comunity.


Sweat lodge en la Base

Celebramos el 19 cumpleaños de Amara con una ceremonia que incluía una sesión de cabaña del sudor. La foto es del día después.


XVI Encuentro de la RIE

Can Cases, Barcelona. 2012
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All dimensions

Sex and the Comunity

Todo lo que querías saber sobre el sexo en las comunidades y no te atrevías a preguntar...
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Artículo sobre las letrinas.

Letrinas? Vatéres secos? Los japonenses lo tienen claro.
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Conferencia del GEN Europa

Comunidad de Schweibenalp, Suiza. 2013
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