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Sunseed was first conceived in 1982 during a talk at a ‘Green Gathering’ by Harry Hart, co-founder of the charity Green Deserts.

In August 1986, Green Deserts and Sunseed were lent a house in arid Southeast Spain, where a small joint project was started to look at practical ways of combating desertification. In March 1987 Green Deserts withdrew and it became Sunseed’s project alone. It was named Sunseed Desert Technology and The Sunseed Trust was inaugurated to direct the project. The mission statement of the project at that time was

“Sunseed Desert Technology finds and spreads new ways to help people in poverty on desertified land “.

Another house was borrowed, Geoff’s, on a repairing lease, and both houses were rebuilt. Five terraces were under cultivation, and work was started on tree trials, solar stills and new pumps. The Main House was purchased and, in 1988, a third house, Isabella’s, was added to the project.

In 1989, Graham Savage became Manager, his wife Shirley joined him later as financial administrator. Since then, Gaye’s House and land was purchased on very generous terms allowing us to increase the number of volunteer bed spaces to around 33.

The Volunteer scheme was set up in earnest and volunteers started to come from countries other than the UK. More effort was put into education for visitors and collaboration with other organisations, including universities and schools. Sunseed has gradually evolved into an experiential educational project with volunteers working to support the ongoing tasks of Sunseed whilst simultaneously learning about the methods and ethos.

In 1995 and 1996 teams went to Tanzania, at the request of a women’s group in Dodoma, to start trials of an ultra-low-cost solar cooker and subsequently the Sunseed Tanzania Trust (STT) was established to better oversee this project. STT and The Sunseed Trust remain separately constituted organisations but have an ongoing working partnership.

Graham retired from the project in June 2002. And since then the project and its strategy have been under review. The new mission statement is:

“Sunseed Desert Technology aims to develop, demonstrate and communicate accessibke, low-tech methods of living sustainably in a semi-arid environment”.


Visitas Guiadas Gratuitas

Bienvenido al Proyecto Sunseed, un centro de acciones practicas para una vida de bajo impacto y educacion medioambiental.

Somos una comunidad internacional de voluntarios y coordinadores que trabajamos y aprendemos juntos; desarrollamos, demostramos, investigamos y comunicamos formas alternativas para reducir nuestra huella ecologica.

Situado en una preciosa aldea repoblada de Almeria, Los Molinos del Río Aguas, Sunseed es un proyecto desconectado de la red electrica y del agua, comprometido con la vida autosuficiente y de bajo impacto ambiental.

Sunseed Tecnología del Desierto

Low impact living

Welcome to Sunseed!

Published by the project: 
Sunseed Tecnologia del Desierto

Autumn Courses

Agricultura Ecológica, Energías Renovables, estudios de flora y fauna, hornillos de gasificacion, semillas, paneles fotovoltaico

September 9 - November 30

Cerca de Sorbas, Almería

7- 8 September
Weekend in environmental and low impact project to learn about alternative ways of living. We will do different activities where kids and adults can learn toguether. The course includes guided tour of Sunseed project, activities cooking with the sun, workshops for kids and adults to learn together on biomass gassification stoves, on bread making, recognition of local plants and introduction to organic gardening theory and practices.

Learning from the Natural World (

Application Deadline 10 september- Is there a place for nature rights and ecocitizenship in Europe?

March 24 - 29

Funds available for Europeans citizens and non-spanish!
Registration Deadline 10 september-
- Applycation Deadline for EU Funds - 17 September

Applicants for this Course may apply for a Grundtvig Grant, please find the information below.


Seed saving course

Heirloom and other Open-pollinated Varieties


When: June 8, 2013 – June 9, 2013
Where: Sunseed Desert Technology,
Los Molinos del Rio Aguas, Almeria, Spain
Cost: 50 €Course Fee
Accomodation and Food if wanted: 50 €
Contact: Clara Ruiz de Gauna

Bernhard Hartbeansl and Sunseed’s organic garden staff invite you to a weekend workshop of seed saving:

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