Iberian Ecovillage Network



The RIE (Iberian Ecovillage Network) is the network that relates and connects:

-The different established Ecovillages from Spain and Portugal.
-The different projects that are wanting to create new Ecovillages.
-Some Different associations, networks, medias and institutions with similar objectives.
-Individuals who are living, searching, finding and expressing themselves in this world, respecting the planet & respecting the people.

In November 2001 was held in Madrid our Founding Assembly as RIE ( Iberian Ecovillage Network). From then until now our main objectives are:

• sharing information and resources among network members, other individuals or groups.
• dissemination of the concept of ecovillage and sustainable settlement
• facilitate rapprochement of people from towns and cities, they want to bet on these life forms.
. Helping diferents groups in their aim to buil their own community.
. Bridging our appropiate technologics or social solutions to the ,mainstream society.


Escuela de Bioconstrucción



Os invitamos a la inauguración de la Escuela de Bioconstrucción Los Guindales, haremos un recorrido por las ecoconstruciones y por la tarde se presentarán los objetivos de la escuela. Si quieres participar activamente , únete.

XVI Encuentro de la RIE

Can Cases, Barcelona. 2012
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Somos una Ecoaldea-Ecobarrio con el formato de cohousing, ubicados en la población de Valdepiélagos , Madrid. Las treinta familias que formamos la cooperativa tenemos economías separadas y diversos proyectos.

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