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Ecovillage's training sessions for groups and communities

The 10 days are aimed to raise awareness of the project "incubator" designed to meet the growing demand for training and information on the universe ecovillage, self-management or rural communities.

A unique experience , designed for a minimum 30 and maximum 50 people, in which a group of members of the RIE to share our knowledge in a novel format.

In addition, the conference will be eminently practical and operational, since training and workshops will be mainly oriented experimentation also help building a straw bale house, to activate the orchards with micro organisms, finish up a compost, neo-rural and other necessities.

The primary audience will be the formation of groups, or with some history behind it but who want to learn to lay the foundation for a long and prosperous business. It is also providing a space for these groups to live together for the first time in a virtual community immersion, a "flight simulator", taking possession of our space as if it were already yours actually. From the outset will have to learn how to decide all matters or issues that they will present.

An invitation to all people who are attracted to alternative lifestyles, to play together and learn how to take one's dreams to reality, to fly high but also how projects are grounded.

For some reason this was an airfield ...

Facilitators attendees:

From the RIE:

• Mauge Cañada (add your bio)
• Toni Marin (bio) to confirm
• Miracles Delgado (bio) to confirm
• Mabel Cañada (bio)
• Ulysses (bio)
• Alf (bio)
• Elena Vazquez (bio)


• Jordy Alemany (Bio)
• Juan Carles Torres


The durations is given to give air to the facilitators on the dates you choose. In principle we are building with straw bales and so we will better to have people who come for that reason a few days earlier or later. Ecoaldeana training days could be reduced by one.

Taking advantage of local resources share knowledge about:

Ecological Dimension:

• Bioenergetics (Toni, Alf, is a megalithic route 4 km from here)
• Green Building (Toni / strengths and weaknesses in the base itself,
• Permaculture (Miracles) projecting on the Base,
• Effective Micro organisms (The Base)
• Appropriate technologies (we have a composting toilet to finish).

Social Dimension

• Governance of the groups: Leadership and Communication (Mauge / Mabel)
• Care Group: Facilitation and Conflict (Ulysses / Mauge / Mabel)
• Creating local networks: Visit of John Carles Torres, organic winemaker.
• Notes on good health: (Nuria)

Economic Dimension

• Lakabe: Adventures and Misadventures of a common economy (Mabel or Mauge)
• New models of economics: (Jordy Alemany)
• Local currencies: (Miracles)

Cultural Dimension

Vision Quest (Ulysses / Alf)
Creativity in groups
Celebrations: symbols, rituals and myths in Communities (Mabel and Alf)

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