Estas en la web de la Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas (RIE) donde podrás encontrar
información sobre el mundo de las comunidades y las ecoaldeas. Todas las
actividades en forma de talleres y cursos, cuales son los proyectos, que
hacen, artículos, recursos, enlaces y personas que buscan su comunidad.
Anímate porque el futuro esta en la tribu.

Matavenero y Poibueno - Ecovillage
Molino de Guadalmesí - Cooperative
Los Portales - Intentional community
Sunseed Tecnologia del Desierto - Sustainable settlement
Valle de Sensaciones - Sustainable settlement

Facilitación en Procesos Grupales

La Facilitación en Procesos Grupales - Camino del Elder

Facilitación en Procesos Grupales: Camino del Élder

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Común Tierra
Projects or events documented in the video: 
El Camino del Élder

Ecolise. Nara Petrovic

The time when ecovillages were places faraway in the woods is over

What connects us, brings us joy and is good for all: for ourselves, for our communities and for the Earth?

All dimensions

Valdepielagos in TV

Ecoaldeas, islas ecol

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New we

"A New We" - Ecovillages and self-reliant communities in Europe

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GEN Europe

Gaia Education -

At the cutting edge of Sustainability Education

All dimensions

Gaia Education promotes a holistic systems approach to education for sustainable development by:

Gaia Education

On the cutting edge of sustainability education

Gaia Education offers state-of-the-art study guides, training manuals, books, webinars, presentations and a quarterly newsletter to facilitate the delivery of on-line and on-site transformational learning opportunities for community development.

Since 2006, Gaia Education has successfully supported the delivery of more than 190 programmes in 34 countries over 6 continents, reaching thousands of people. Its programmes have been offered in settings ranging from tribal women and traditional communities to children and youth, ecovillages, urban slums, universities and resilience training centers.

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